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The Keybunch

Etikoppaka Nativity Crib Set with House

Etikoppaka Nativity Crib Set with House

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A unique Nativity Set, with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the 3 Kings, plus an angel, camel and sheep all creatively represented in the Etikoppaka art form. The set has been developed for The Keybunch by Tvami with the product protected under relevant copyright laws. The set gives an Indian look and feel to the original Nativity scene.

The set consists of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus (laying in a manger), 3 kings and 1 angel.

All 3 kings: 4” H x 1” W  (each)

Mary, Joseph and Angel: 3.5” H x 1” W (each)           

Baby Jesus: 4 cm L x 1.8 cm W or 1.57” L x 0.7” W                        

Basket: 1.18” H x 2.36” Dia



The figurines are packed in jute bags and the whole set comes in a beautiful box decorated with Meena work.

The main colours come from lacquer made from natural elements such seeds, lacquer, bark, roots and leaves.

The wood comes from Wrightia tinctoria, a tree native to Etikopakka.

The colors are natural dyes, applied while the wood is on the lathe turner

It takes 2 days to make one full set

House: 9" H x 8" L x 3" W

The house is made from mango wood. The star on the house is not fixed. It is an extra accessory that is included in the box, for you to add if you wish to.

More about Etikoppaka

The Etikoppaka craft is a 400-year old toy legacy. It gets its name from Etikoppaka village in Andhra Pradesh. The products are made using soft wood from Ankudu (Wrightia tinctoria) trees, native to the region. Craftsmen use a spinning lathe and small chisels, among other tools to carve the toys and souveniers that are then enriched with natural colour pigments derived from seeds, bark, roots and leaves. Lac, a colourless resinous secretion of insects, is mixed with the natural pigments applied on the toys to deliver their signature lacquered finish.

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